Dusting off the Blog… Again

Ugh. I’ve been absolutely terrible at keeping up my blog. To the handful of devoted readers I may have, I apologize. I will do my best to step it up and try to post at least once a week, but, well, let’s face it: every word on my blog is one not in my novel. And these days, just getting any words down in my works in progress has been painful.

There are a few reasons I feel it’s imperative to dust off my blog. One, I’ve been lucky enough to have been hand-picked to participate in a blog tour for an anthology that came out last week. My tour stop is actually this coming Friday. (Gasp!)

Another reason to dust off the blog is that I’ve decided to make 2014 the year I will make things happen. Yes, I finished a novel in 2012. And yes, I signed with an amazing agent, made some invaluable friendships with fellow writers, and signed on as a columnist for a fabulous online magazine in 2013. But I’ve also fought with a story, developed and fought with another one, and felt like my writing mojo has trickled out of me.

So, with any luck, there ought to be some new witticisms popping up from me every month or so. But just remember: I’m a novelist first and a blogger way, way down on the list of job titles I’ve taken on. =)



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