I’ve been slacking…

Every word on your blog is a word not in your book.

– Sherman Alexie

I’ve been a slacker the past couple of nights. Tonight in particular, but that’s because the winner codes for NaNoWriMo were finally released and I bought Scrivener, and I have been so eager to get my hands on it and play with it and see how my novel looks in bulletin-board form.

Last night, I migrated the bulk of posts from an old blog that I had on the now-defunct blogging site called Vox to my Mommy Blog on WordPress. I began with more than 200, and there are now only 17 posts that I need to sort through to make blog-ready, so I think I’ve done a fairly decent job. (And of those remaining 17 posts, most probably won’t make it over to the other site.)

And, of course, as I was migrating my work and even blogging yesterday, I thought of Sherman Alexie’s quote above and cringed. Because, well, he’s absolutely right.

But he also said that I should read a thousand pages for every one that I write, and considering that I finished 193 pages, I owe myself a 200,000-page break. Unless I’m supposed to read and write concurrently, but I’m not sure how I would manage that.

The point is, I know I’ve been a slacker. I know I’ve stalled at the first chapter of my next work, even though I wrote a poem that would be partial song lyrics for the book. But the story has been gestating, I promise! It’s just a matter now of sitting down and actually laying out the plot points to make it work.

I’m not giving up my trust composition book now that I have Scrivener, though. I can’t use Scrivener anywhere but on my laptop, after all, and I tend to have plotting inspiration strike at the oddest moments – like when I’m at a red light and thinking of how my characters’ moms would react to the traffic I encounter each morning.

But once Scrivener is available on my iPad…


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